QFleet is the Queensland Government fleet manager, providing vehicle leasing and fleet management services for more than 10,000 vehicles. We provide services to government departments, agencies and approved government-funded organisations. Our specialised staff help manage our customers' fleets by providing strategic and operational advice to improve vehicle utilisation and reduce fleet operating costs, and vehicle emissions.


This application is a modern, easy-to-use customer platform that will empower QFleet’s customers to better manage their fleet and equipment from anywhere. Customers can gain full visibility into the operations, keep the team accountable and make decisions based on the reported data they can trust.


Select login option:
  • If you are a government employee, log in using single sign-on; or
  • Login using your username and password created by your agency.
If you are not yet registered, or are having trouble logging in, please contact the adminstrators at QFleet-BusinessSystems@EPW.qld.gov.au.